Making responsibility measurable
The UN Sustainable Development Goals at WashTec

We are committed – to sustainable, future-proof mobility, to a responsible approach to the environment and increasingly scarce resources, and to social interaction that empowers and strengthens the individual.

"Our CSR strategy at WashTec is focused on the UN Sustainable Development Goals: reducing inequality, driving economic growth, tackling climate change and preserving our oceans and forests."

Dr. Ralf Koeppe
CEO WashTec AG

To become better and better in all our activities and measures, we have set ourselves ambitious goals and measure ourselves against them. But we also measure ourselves against the major global goals of the United Nations (UN), whose agenda calls on politics and business to work in a global partnership on the major challenges of our time – the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our responsibility – our measures for fairness, environmental protection and the future

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are UN policy objectives to promote sustainable development at economic, social and environmental levels.

We align our business operations, product development and sustainability programmes with this agenda. Key objectives include

  • advancing economic growth
  • reducing inequalities in living standards
  • ensuring equal opportunities
  • sustainable use of natural resources to strengthen the ecosystem
Goal: Good health and well-beeing for everyone

Keeping our employees and their families healthy is an important concern for us. We create safe workplaces with comprehensive occupational safety measures that go beyond what is legally required. With fair pay, a good work-life balance and fair interaction, we also promote the physical and mental well-being of our workforce.

Goal: Quality education for everyone

We accompany our employees on their individual career paths with training and development opportunities. In e-learning, coaching and mentoring programmes, they can further develop their skills and interests to take the next step in their career. To this end, we invest in digitalisation processes, a broad range of training opportunities and cooperations, e.g. with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and various universities.

Goal: Clean water and sanitation for everyone

Water is a precious resource. That is why we are constantly improving our car washes. Thanks to water conditioning and technical innovations, we are able to use only very small amounts of fresh water. The same applies to our operating sites – here, too, we successfully find ways to save this precious resource.

Goal: Reduce inequality

Recognition, appreciation and inclusion of all people regardless of their cultural or social background, religion and gender. With our diversity programme, we ensure equal opportunities and fair interaction beyond the legal regulations and requirements of the employers' liability insurance associations.

Goal: Sustainable production

For us, responsible use of resources begins with product development. We are the first company to offer a vehicle wash that does not require energy for hot water. With our products, up to four-fifths of fresh water can be saved when washing vehicles, and we also offer certified sustainable washing chemicals. We also save valuable resources in our business operations, for example by recycling up to 70% of our waste.

Goal: Combating climate change

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time. That is why we support initiatives to mitigate the effects of climate change and are involved in business associations. Saving resources and cutting emissions are primary goals of our development departments and our operations. We support our customers with innovative solutions, such as vehicle washing with cold water, sustainable washing chemicals and water conditioning systems.

Goal: Global partnerships for sustainable development

WashTec's sustainability strategy is not confined to the company. We hold partners and suppliers to our high standards as well. With our sustainable solutions, we create a significant difference together with the operators in 40,000 car washes worldwide – with around 3 million car washes per day causing less pollution, energy and water consumption as well as emissions.

Would you like to learn more about certified sustainable car washing? Contact us! We are the leading provider of sustainable car wash solutions and certification for sustainable car wash.

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